Sunday, September 16, 2012

Jimmy Moore and his N=1 experiment

I have been trying to make sure to keep up with Jimmy and his experiments in nutritional ketosis.

I really respect this guy, but in one respect he is a little frustrating: He refuses to share some of his food logs. I can respect and understand his reasons, but I am not sure e understands why some of us are intrigued and would like him to throw us a bone, and it has to do with how some of us learn. I am one of those that likes to see what are you doing so that I can understand, then I can usually adapt for me.

Well blessings from heaven, Jimmy hasn't come through, but I had a list of menus or access to them all along from "The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance". There is even a link to menus which I will give to my sis and Jordan and any other family member intrigued by nutritional ketosis way of eating.

I think with the guidelines they give I can make a go of this.

Here are their guidelines: and I take this from Chapter 11 in their book

1. Low in Carbs
- enough to induce nutritional ketosis and accelerate fat burning
- Less than 50 g/day for most people

2. Moderate Protein
-0.6 to 1.0 grams per pounds of LEAN body mass

3. Enough Fat
-Majority of energy
-Variable depending on goals of weight loss or maintenance

4. The Right Kinds of Fat
-Eat Monos and saturates for fuel
-Limit High Polyunsaturated sources (soy,corn, cottonseed)

5. When in Doubt, Eat Less Carbs

6. When in Doubt, eat More Fat.

I got a clue why tuna or chicken salad gets hard to eat: it it using mayo with a lot of soy oil, which of course is most mayo. So I guess I have to stick with making it. It would be nice if high oleic Safflower was easier to get- just because Extra Virgin Olive Oil is lovely stuff but strong for Mayo. I guess I just keep trying to figure it all out.


  1. I love that you are passionate about this and do your research. It shows that you really know your stuff. Good job :)

  2. That is probably why I have trouble with mayo, particularly with Tuna. I have found I can get really sick with soy oil. Bleh.