Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Frustrations of Non-support

So this place is a great place. My kids that do come here run in and cheer, my sister knows and understands what I am doing and the SCIENCE behind the reasons for what I am doing.

But there are a holdout or two that think that I am just stupid that I do not understand the concept of calorie in calorie out. It's frustrating. If I the stupid fat woman would just cut my calories like they are I would get their results!

If you go wandering other type diets out there and the forums you hear the plaintive questions from those, often women of my age, wondering what they can do to NOT be so hungry on those much lower calories. Calories that are high in "complex" carbohydrates, like potatoes ( that we used to know would put fat on most farm animals) and wheat products, that we are starting to know is NOT the same wheat as what granny ate, and I am not talking the whole grain part. I am talking the gmo part. Those things raise insulin in ALL of us. That is right ALL people. We know this. That is what that one scale is all about. How fast it raises it compared to the standard of table sugar. Now to put it simply some of us have the raised insulin, which then stores the fat but the ignores pulling the stored energy out for cell fuel. Causing.. yes.. you guess it.. HUNGER! Some can handle carbs great for good. I don't know what causes that. Some people get fat and some.. worse for them believe it or not don't get fat, but then suffer skinny metabolic syndrome. Worse for them because we still incorrectly related slimness with health. Probably NOT our best marker, it can be one, but isn't the best one.

I still say even the "healthy" should be taking their blood sugar several times a week to see how their food is affecting them. But that is neither here nor there.

Tigersue and I were to metabolic syndrome, and I am pretty sure I was having all the symptoms of type 2 diabetes including what I now know as distressing kidney issues. The only GOOD way out of that is to fix what causes it .. cutting out the sugars.

I wish that someone else could figure out I am NOT stupid and I do know what I am doing. WHY do I need that bread or potato? I can't think of a nutritional reason why. Desserts are fun, but I don't NEED them. What is wrong with me NOT eating them? I don't have to have the chips, sodas or CANDY that one of them to this day STILL eats as part of a "diet". I won't and can't understand why people are thinking I am the stupid one for cutting those out! I don't have to eat pasta to live. I do need protein and I do need fat. Brains and muscles need those! My liver is quite capable of creating the glucose I need with what I give it.

My way of eating means I can buy a chocolate bar to help out a friend at work, as her son was having a fund raiser, and not crave or eat the thing but give it to my daughter. What pray tell is wrong with that?

I do understand calorie in calorie out, but we are not science beakers! I can do the same thing for weeks and lose nothing and then 10 pounds, or five or 3 are off in a day or two with no rhyme or reason to it. That tells me that the old calorie in calorie out needs more understanding-science- doesn't know everything yet.

I know I have to be patient because I know the lack of knowledge is some of the WRONG things my dear father thinks about low carb diets. He still thinks High protein is low carb and I am closer to trying to follow moderate- more around 70 grams a day because of gluconensis- see if that smart kid knows what that is! Volek and Phinney are right on the money about that. When I lowered the protein and upped the fat the need to snack went completely away. Heck I miss a meal or two on occasion, just because I am not hungry.

Perhaps when these young things are 50+ women having had 5 babies and doesn't want to have to be HUNGRY to lose weight will want to get back to me at that point. But that isn't ever going to happen.


  1. Nedra I think you are doing great. You look great and feel great. Who cares what others think. You are not stupid and as long as you are happy that is good.


  2. Ah Nedra, people can be so crazy sometimes and if your diet is working for you it doesn't matter what they think. Every body is different and if anything, they're just jealous at how great you're doing. We've all seen the progress you've made and it's obvious in the way you look and feel. You are doing great!

  3. Boy are you right. I know exactly what you mean. My mother in law was posting stuff today about all kinds of stuff and when I went to the originating site it was vegan, vegetarian. One was on water in food and the top ten foods containing water. Of the 10, only 3 I could eat with out hurting my blood sugar, romaine, celery, and cucumber. It did have tomatoes, and blueberries which if and when I get more insulin sensitive I might be able to eat more of. I tried to explain to her that this wasn't good since it was all fruit and people with diabetes and insulin resistance shouldn't eat the fruit. Her comment moderation in all things. That is good and fine, for someone like Brynn, but for her, Nedra and I, not so good. I try not to eat fruit because I know my blood sugars are more unstable with it. I love the stuff, just can't eat much of it right now. I'm there with you sis, you really aren't alone. I think if the vast majority of people actually saw what we ate they wouldn't thing much about it. It is only when you say low carb they freak out.

  4. I've always had the motto to each their own. If it works for you and you like it then don't worry about it? Do what you do if it's working for you! You look great!

  5. Kelly, Brynn, Stephanie...and jordan, you folks are the ones I am referring to as supporting. You don't eat as I do, but if what I am doing works for me, you are okay with it. I appreaciate the support. I really really do :)

    There are moments I woulD LOVE LOVE LOVE to be able to eat the potatoes Brynn beatifully handles... family dinners is one of them, but I have had to face that isn't what I can do.. at all. If I do.. all progress goes out the window.

    I agree Tanya. I actually do okay with a few rasperries, and keep tomatoes to those Randy and nedra out to dinner because yup.. up goes the blood sugar, which means fat storage is back in full swing.. ugggh :) I have to face I will never have Brynn's genetic make up or Sean's foresight to stay healthy, but I can deal. \

    Poor Randy does his best, bless his kind heart! He doesn't quite get what i do either, but he sure does try. And marlei gets it.. the science behind it even if she doesn't do it. I gve her my candy I get from work! LOL

  6. Oh, one other thing I thought of, was that I learned that a calorie doesn't equal a calorie was the last two or three times I tried weight watchers that I actually gained weight on it, even though I should have been loosing. Not only that, I lost hair, nails got extremely brittle and my PCOS actually got worse. I actually did better doing Lean and free 2000 plus that was a high carb, low fat, high calorie than the low calorie stuff probably because I was getting enough fat and protein then so I still healed a bit. The best thing I noticed with a low carb diet was my skin how it goes from oily to normal in a matter of days. This is one way I know I eat too many carbs without tracking it, it is the first thing that comes back even over IBS is my skin gets oily. Strange how that works for me, but it was an eye opener that if eating carbs caused that reaction as opposed to fats (which most people tell you causes oily skin), what is that doing to the inside of me. My not be the most scientific of things, but for my body chemistry it makes a huge, huge difference.

  7. I think a lot of the stuff you post is great science, the sources that you use, Mom, are intelligent and seem to have a great grasp on the topic. I was looking through the blog of the guy who did "fat Head" and wow, is that guy ever intelligent. The stuff he posts makes perfect sense. I'm also there with you, it's the sugar that is killing us. I don't eat as you do, as you said, but because of your diet I have actually adjusted my diet as well. I still eat bread, I just eat LESS of it. I only eat mash potatoes so that's not really my problem. I'll tell you what is my problem it's soda and sweets. Those things are probably the source of my sugar problem. But even in regular foods, I'm more conscious of the nutritional values than ever before.

    The great point you constantly make though is that diet and exercise go hand in hand. You can't lose weight and be healthy without one or the other.

    Whatever you are doing, keep doing it. It's working. Obviously simply cutting calories doesn't do it for you and people could be critical of what you are doing IF you haven't done your research. But I'm most impressed with how you've done your research and taken what works for you. It's really impressive.

  8. I love Tom Naughton-mostly because he presents with humor. I am convinced you are right that most.. MOST people can just cut out the extra sugar/sugary drinks and probably keep this whole thing at bay.

    I think many could cut out the bread and still eat their taters and do great, if the sugar is back to a minimum as well. That is what is cool about the lowcar/paleo/primal thing is that you can find the combo that works for you, but also find a fun way to keep it all healthy for your kids.