Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Little Workout that packs a HUGE wallop

As I have been showing some signs of over-training due to my age and general out of fitness, I had been looking for something to do that would be effective. I have done Callenetics and Fluidity, and I really enjoy those, but in looking for more body weight type exercising I found myself back to one that Tigersue and I had heard about years ago, but didn't look much more into it: T-tapp.

I got the basic workout after reading the book and trying to understand what the woman, Theresa Tapp was trying to do when she created her movements. They are pretty unique, even to how she gets you into alignment.

You can watch many of her video's on YouTube, and when I watched I wasn't sure at all how I felt about it. But I got the basic workout anyway.

Fifteen minutes. That is all the basic is. Don't let the time fool you though, I felt like I had workout two hours in a gym running on a treadmill and lifting weights when I was done. I often don't get all the reps- and the most she does is eight. I am going to have a long learning month just trying to do it without wanting to fall over.

Just getting your limbs in the right places, and make sure you keep your spine in correct alignment to your knees and feet is work!

I have only managed to do it about every other day thus far. In between I think I am moving some stuff around inside- lymph she would say, but I truly have no idea, I feel just sort of yucky. Not right after the workout, but about two hours after and after I do my dry skin brushing. Then I start slowly feeling better over the next day, and then do it again. I am noticing I am feeling less icky though, so I am hoping that will so go away- it seems to be common when I read on the forums.

Maybe there is a method to the madness


  1. Haha, that's awesome! I've been looking at these body rocker workouts on youtube. They are really intense, but I want to do them. It's a P90X type work out, muscle confusion, but my general out-of-shapeness pretty much prevents me from doing the full workout. The difference here though is that P90X doesn't adapt the workout for different levels of intensity, these guys do. They'll tell you "instead of doing the full thing, do half." or "instead of a 15 second rest, do a 25 second rest." Since it's on youtube I can download that app on my Xbox and do it in front of the TV with them, which is great.

  2. Wonderful! I am totally into this body weight thing, and adaptions- smart folks create them. I hope to get back to the firm soon, but this is really working.

    I am so glad you found something you can download and use!