Friday, October 19, 2012

T-Tapp and our personal favorite: Walking!

I do love walking. Yes, really. There is something just sort of cool and "zoney" or maybe "zen-y" about walking.

I was glad to see that Teresa Tapp likes walking- no recommends walking highly, but wasn't sure I would need er tapes about walking because I have Leslie who I still love. In fact I think I am going to love more, trying to remind myself how to stay in T-tapp form,KLT (knee to little toe) alignment. Butt tucked, shoulders back.

I just did her basic step away the inches tape and I love it. I did it after the basic workout, and just feel.. energized.

I still have to knuckle under and just do the basic workout part 2, but something in my type 4 nature wants to be perfect!..hehe and not falling over trying to get my core to balance. But PERFECT is trying to get my core strong enough so I have to tell myself that.

I haven't checked inches for several reasons and I probably won't do anything official until after the DH and I get back from Illinois.

But right now this feels good, really good.


  1. The barefoot is interesting too, because she really shows how to do the moves. I was going to do that today, but Abbie was home sick so I worked out in the basement and really didn't want to do it barefoot down there since it is getting cooler.

    I wanted to go walking today but only did a 1 mile Leslie. Have fun on the trip. My eating is really, really off. I need to get that back on track.

  2. Oh and the type thing, I'm really confused. The first day, with the basic personality, I was a type 4, I was debating until she said the questions and type 4 was stuff I say all the time. Then the next one, I was a type 2 completely, even the doodling looked like stuff I do. Then with the features, I'm really confused. My face, is round, my hands are small, with rounded cuticles, I think my eyes are round, but they might be some what almond because they do have sharp points at the end of them, so those are type 1, and I'm no way a type 1 personality, that is probably my weakest trait. My eyebrows and my nose seem to be type 2, my lips type three, maybe chin type 4? So what am I? lol