Saturday, October 13, 2012

Today and T-tapp

I don't even know how to describe this workout to people and there were times I was wondering about it. Even now, if I think too much, you just wonder how on earth this workout could possibly work.

I don't know about inches. Two weeks ago 4 were off- mostly, amazingly from my waist and hips, but still I struggles with not feeling well, not right after the workout but for a day or two after. This week however that stopped, but I was still working at getting my muscles all in alignment and following form. I think that is something I will always be working on and reading how to refine, but today.....

Today I hopped out of bed and did the basic workout and then part of the total workout to "Thread the Needle". Well actually I did that move.. sort of..between all the bobbling and falling over, but when I was done was the cool part. I realized I felt great. I didn't just feel sorta great, but really great with energy to spare.

I even did a couple of extra sets of "hoe-downs" while doing my housework, that I just zoomed through.

The other things I realized is that muscles are feeling worked.. but not the big muscles you are used to feeling stiff and sore like the quadriceps, but little ones in the groin, between your shoulders and lower back. I still don't know what sort of loss I will ever see, but I do think this helps the spine. Every person I check on their website pictures of challenges show major improvements in posture. I would have never guessed how important that is, but every person shows it there, even if nothing else.

It really must do something. I almost wish I could have my dearest Randy try the basic workout to see if it helps some of his discomfort.

I am going to.. have to get the basic workout video to my sister. Tigersue will thrive on this I think.

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  1. It really is cool. I have always been a believer in movement and how it helps us metabolically. Then to read that this helps with the lymphatic and neurological systems in different ways intrigues me to no end. I have always felt that the lymphatic system is somewhat ignored. I'm sure that is why we get puffy with too many carbs, that fluid just doesn't move the way it should, and that fatigue is probably very much related to sluggishness in the lymphatic system. I think that is why I want to do this and see if I can actually get my body to do what it should do. If I can get the basic position down, the back stretch, and the hoe downs, then everything else will probably gradually click into place. At least that is what I hope because reading the book is confusing me to no end. lol