Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A bit lost

I have been so frustrated the past couple of months  I'm in that huge stall that I have been struggling with since September.  My goal was to be down another 20 pounds by November and I'm still in that same weight range I was in the end of August.  I know most of it is my fault, my eating has been way off.  Otherwise I have continued to do my workouts, walking as much as I can, and switching from the firm to T-tapp.  I really love the t-tapp but I'm not sure I'm getting my upper body working as much as I should.  This is probably due to the fact that my legs aren't strong enough to hold the t-tapp position during the upper body workouts.  I know my legs are getting stronger, and some of my weight issue can be due to the t-tapp, but not all of it when inches aren't budging and fat% has creeped back up.   My headaches have started back up this past couple of weeks.  They were going away, but I haven't had a day without a headache in at least 2 weeks.  bleh.

So I decided last night I needed to log my food for a bit.  It might keep me more honest, and thinking, hey, I'm going to write this down, do I really want to see the amount of carbs in what I'm eating.  I usually don't like to write down my food, but I think for the next few weeks, at least to the end of Natasha's wedding, and perhaps through the holidays complete it would be a good idea.

I am trying to figure out the best way to do T-Tapp.  I am doing a Monday, Wed, Friday with the total workout, then on Saturday I only do the basic+ part.  I do this because I really think 4 days a week is the way  for me to go with the every other day schedule and with Sunday out of the equation, I need to do something on Saturday.  I hope that isn't too much since she says less is more, but with how stubborn my body is, I don't want to relax too much.  I'm even feeling like I need to add in some Firm upper body because I am honestly not feeling the muscle work in my upper body.  At least not the way my lower is feeling it.

So here is my pity party, I would love my kids to sometimes think that mom has goals that she needs to keep, and to remember that.  Yes, I'm whining, there it is.  Done. :)


  1. I know what you mean about the upper body- stilling trying to find that Neuro connection, although I have lost an inch off my right arm lately.
    I find myself doing the butterflies over and over online :)

    But Firm Upper body is stupendous :)

  2. Tanya you can do it. Keep going. Some of it may be stress. You've got support.