Tuesday, December 4, 2012

T-Tapp Rotation!

I was searching the T-Tapp forum the other day.  I was feeling a bit challenged and needed some kind of direction.  After doing The Firm for so many months that T-Tapp is a bit of a different challenge for me.  I can and at that same can't do the total workout on an every other day plan.  Part of it is the Holidays and planning a wedding at the same time.  I don't have an older child at home any more to be with the girls so I can go shopping after school which gives me a 4 hour window to do my shopping and looking around.  That doesn't give me the block of time I would like in the morning to do T-Tapp and a nice long walk.  I have also been depressed, and stressed over other situations that have emotionally set me on a spiral.  I can feel it in my lower back, different from muscle tension and worry that I'm actually feeling my adrenal glands trying their best to function when they are pretty much shot.

So what do I do?  I wasn't sure.  I didn't want to only do the Basic Plus workout.  I like it, but it doesn't seem to target enough areas for me so I know I need more.  Luckily I found a thread where they were discussing adrenal burnout and how to do T-Tapp to not stress those little organs.  This is the rotation and I know I can do this through December so I don't loose progress, and maintain what I have done to this point.

Do a three day rotation
1. Basic plus
2. Total workout, Primary back stretch, got to Lunges and do lower body stopping after Runner's Stretch and then do a set of Hoe Downs.
3. Total workout, Primary Back stretch then to to Arms and finish the workout, maybe add in a second set of Hoe Downs.

I know it is uncoventional to what Teresa Tapps says, do the whole thing so you have that fatigue of muscle fiber but I sounds workable for someone like me at this point.  I did day 2 today and I could do it, I could balance okay, still tipsy on thread the needle, but I didn't feel like my legs were dying on me.  I also think this might help me really focus on the moves to get them better.  I am doing the rehab sets, I really don't care for the instructional.  They are good to learn but I have a hard time with long holds and pauses in position.

Hopefully this will work for me, and I can have more motivation to work out early so I can get a good walk in.  I hate not walking, I love it and I miss it.  The tapes don't do it for me the same way as going out and seeing the sun and blue sky.

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